five blankets for fall that deliver beauty and balmy bliss

One of the most worthwhile investments you can make at this time of year is a beautiful wool throw or blanket for your home. Wool fabrics have greater bulk, allowing them to hold air in and act as great insulators. Another great quality of wool is that is it hypoallergenic.

A well-made wool blanket will last you a lifetime. Here are five blankets that will not only look great in your home but will make you feel just as great as you snuggle your way into the cooler seasons ahead.


The Crux Blanket & The Cross Blanket by Pia Wallen


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The Crux (cross) Blanket is iconic and ubiquitous. It is an object of desire for many design junkies. These blankets are produced on small runs to ensure top quality and that the blanket does not become a mass market item. The Crux Blanket measures 140 x 210 cm. With a price tag of $700 it may not exactly fall within your decorating budget. If you want the look at a more accessible price point, the Pia Wallen Cross Blanket is $275 and is made of 100% ecological cotton. The blankets are reversible so you are really getting two blankets in one! The bold graphic design of this blanket makes it perfect for modern and transitional spaces.


The MacAusland Blanket


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Ausland’s Woolen Mill on Prince Edward Island began production in 1870, producing woolen blankets as early as 1932. The MacAusland Blanket is a made of 100% pure virgin wool. The blankets come in a variety of sizes, colours and limited edition patterns.

For an authentic Canadiana touch, add The MacAusland Blanket to your fall and winter décor must have list. These blankets work with wide range of décor styles from modern to country and traditional.





Klippan Blankets:



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Klippan have made textiles since 1879 from the finest fibers such as wool, linen and cotton. Quality control is such a priority for this company that all of its lamb’s wool can be traced back to the individual sheep farmer. Klippan throws and blankets are made using eco-wool, ensuring ecological principals have been met during the production process. Klippan blankets come in a wide variety of colours and patterns – they are also a decorators best kept styling secret! You are sure to find a Klippan blanket that suits your style – they also have a great collection of patterns for kids.


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Bunad Blankets by Andreas Engesvik


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Bunad Blankets are based on motifs from eight regions in Norway. Designer Andreas Engesvik worked with a Norwegian manufacturer to make these stunning blankets that have the very simplistic modern aesthetic that is synonymous with Scandinavian design. The Bunad Blankets are inspired by ‘Bunader’, traditional costumes from the 18th and 19th century. Eight colours were chosen for each blanket, which is the limit for the Jacquard machine that creates the pattern and texture. The blankets are made of 100% Pure New Wool and measure 130 x 200 cm (without fringes). If your spaces are neutral or monochromatic, the Bunad Blanket is a great way to introduce colour to a room.


Rani Arabella Cashmere Throws


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If budget is not an issue and you are seeking a luxe look with a strong style presence in the room, consider Italian cashmere throws by Rani Arabella.  The Skull Cashmere and Cantering Horse Throws are personal favorites. The collection offers a wide range of colours and styles. If your pockets are deep, you can also consider purchasing coordinating pillows.


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five blankets for fall that deliver beauty and balmy bliss
five blankets for fall that deliver beauty and balmy bliss
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