Plant Profile: Devil's Ivy, a Vining Winner for Black Thumbs (5 photos)

Known for its leafy good looks and air purifying qualities, Devil’s Ivy is a welcome indoor plant choice, and is low-maintenance, too.
Plant at a Glance
Common name: Devil’s ivy (also golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, money plant, silver vine, Solomon Islands…

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10 Unexpected Bathroom Colour Combos (10 photos)

Even the most innovative decorator can end up playing it safe when it comes to the bathroom. Perhaps it’s because we give so much attention to the main reception rooms, where we spend the vast majority of our time, that the bathroom becomes something of an afterthought.
A standard white three-piece…

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Smart Storage Solutions for Messy Entries (13 photos)

Entries are magnets for clutter. Shoes, mail, bags and sporting gear are just some of the items that regularly take up residence in entry zones. Whip the area into shape by introducing storage that will eliminate mess, maintain order and make the area…

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Houzz Call: Home Farmers, Show Us Your Edible Garden (5 photos)

Edible gardens flourish during the summer, and farmers markets seem to overflow with fresh fruits and vegetables. We want to know – what does your edible garden look like right now? Are your herbs, vegetables and fruits thriving? Do you have a backyard, balcony or rooftop garden? Are you growing your…

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13 Decorating Tips for Short-Term Rentals (16 photos)

Decorating a temporary space is always a dilemma. You want to feel at home, but when you know the space won’t be home for long, it can be hard to justify a large investment. For these in-between accommodations, I’ve put together some of the best ways to add life, colour and a sense of you to a…

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USA Houzz: French Country Comes to California (21 photos)

For people who love design and architecture, looking at some homes is something like gazing at rugged isles, a rolling mountain range or the point where white sand meets the strong blue of the ocean – they are just so beautiful it hurts. Of course, no human-made structure is a real match for the majesty…

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9 Home Office Nooks That Work (9 photos)

With computers getting sleeker and better-looking all the time, and more work going paperless, a dedicated home office is no longer vital for some. Why not free up some extra space by downsizing the work zone? Instead of a whole room, try a nook, niche, bench or mini desk within a larger living space….

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gold home office accessories

gold-macbook-home-officeIt seems more and more people are working from home these days. Whether you’re a blogger who works at home full-time or have an office job where you’re able to work from home occasionally, a dedicated home office space will help you stay organized and efficient.

I needed to upgrade my old laptop recently and decided on the chic new gold MacBook from Apple. With a new gold computer, I’ve also decided it’s time to give my home office a facelift. (Any excuse for a bit of redecorating!) Using my laptop as the jumping off point, I’m scouring pretty gold home office accessories to complete the look. Here’s how my home office is coming together:

Gold MacBook
First things first: The laptop. Used to be that technology was purely about function but this shiny new computer is so big on style, it’s inspiring a home office refresh. It’s the ideal laptop for anyone who is mobile. It’s 24% thinner and has 22% less volume than the 11-inch MacBook Air, making it perfectly portable. It has a gorgeous 12-inch retina display that is 30% more power efficient than its predecessors and has an all-day battery life, an increasingly important feature in our wireless world.  But not to be overlooked: It’s gold! A first of its kind, this laptop hits all the right style notes but has substance to back it up. Gold MacBook, Apple, starting at $1549.

Hustle Print
No home office is complete without a few words of wisdom to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day. In white and gold, this print will look great hanging on the wall of your home office and will remind you to just keep on hustlin’ when you need some motivation. Hustle Print, WordBirdShop on Etsy, $10.

Painted Mason Jars, Gold
Mason jars can be used in so many different ways. These gold ones are stunning and are guaranteed to make you smile when you see them in your home office. Fill them with fresh flowers or use them to hold essentials like pens, pencils and scissors. Painted Mason Jars, Gold, Etsy, $20.27 for set of 2.

Kate Spade New York Acrylic Stapler
A gold body encased in acrylic, this Kate Spade stapler is, well, a home office staple. Embodying both form and function, this fun accessory will add lots of chic to your desk style. Kate Spade New York Acrylic Stapler, Amazon, $27.

Gold Roses Magnetic Message Board
Combining the functional needs of a home office with beautiful artistry, this framed magnet board takes office style to the next level. Comes with four magnets to be used on the gold canvas print. Gold Roses Magnetic Message Board, Indigo, $65.

Codify Pencil Holder
‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is a mantra chanted by those of us who are hyper organized and love order. This pretty pencil holder will ensure that everything has a home on your desk so there’s no need to worry about stray paperclips cluttering your space.  Codify Pencil Holder, Anthropologie, $48.

Gold Scissors
Made with stainless steel with a gold finish, these gold scissors are a sharp addition to any home office desk. With chic accessories like this one, all those menial tasks will seem so much more fun! Gold Scissors, Haute Papier, $20.

Like a Boss Mug
Start the day with a winning attitude! As you sip your morning coffee from this white porcelain mug with gold lettering, you’ll be reminded that you can handle the demands of your day LIKE A BOSS. Enough said. Like a Boss Mug, Ashley Brooke Designs, $23.

Gold Dots File Folders
Keep loose leaf paper corralled so nothing goes missing. These pretty and whimsical file folders by Kate Spade New York are up to the task.  Gold Dots File Folders, Papyrus, $15.95.

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