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3D design and 3D rendering

We at Capital Kitchens believe the design phase is the most important phases of your new kitchen, kitchen renovation or what you want your clients to see. This takes out the guessing game from your mind as you will know what colours and styles will match with your vision. Using high quality 3D rendered illustrations and models, another main goal of Interior 3D design is to visualise the characteristics of space or product before it is constructed or remodelled providing an immersive and realistic experience.

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Resurfacing and kitchen repair

This process here is if you want strictly renovate your kitchen but are on limited budget and the existing kitchen is still in good condition. This process here will save you thousands especially if you are planning to renovate your investment property. At Capital Kitchens we will spray over your existing kitchen and change door handles and potentially add new storage solutions, if you require additional storage.

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Wet area solutions

Wet areas are defined as areas within a building which has water areas. They require special consideration in new homes, renovations, schools, commercial buildings (offices), council halls and more, because of the high level of moisture. This area is high risk if poorly lined and wet areas can have an impact to other rooms. We can design, supply and install, toilet cubicles, shower partitions, lockers, outdoor kitchens, Cafe Furniture, custom cut to size specific storage solutionss, school furniture, refurbishment and fitout, change room furniture, table tops, storage solutions and more wet area solutions.

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Project Management

Project Management is a very critical component in the delivery of your kitchen. We will help businesses, builders and developers to ensure their project is properly delivered on-time, within budget and scope. Our Project Management area focuses on scope, time, cost, quality and communication for your new kitchen as we are professional and this is our professional services, to ensure you actually understand what you will go through and expect.

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Remodelling services

The remodelling service will go through a high amount of planning, as you want to relocate electrical output, plumbing work, knock down walls or change how your current kitchen configuration to something luxurious. Make the call today to book an appointment with our consultants to walk you through the process and provide you with a free quote.

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Built-in wardrobes and office furniture

We at Capital Kitchens like to assist you with your storage problems and find solutions, which are easy and be delivered in a timely manner.

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